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havent written in quite a while now but its honestly because i dont have anything interesting to talk about i think.. i want to write more, i really do. im just not sure about what to write that wouldnt be embarrassing which is stupid because this is my website.

  • rewatched succession
    • season 4 is coming out soon -> march 26
    • tomgreg....
    • drew little evil greg keychain that i custom ordered that will probably be here quite soon yahoo
  • reading daiya no A, currently halfway through pt 2
    • kousawaaaaaa aaa
  • need to make a gallery page for displaying my artworks

?? is that it?

i think my site still looks crappy because i havent really had any motivation to mess around with it lately but isnt that sort of in right now to make things look shit on purpose because its brutalist

Listening to: Gallery Piece - of Montreal

this song is very tomgreg........
feelin very normal abt them lately and not bananas at all. still havent made a ksw playlist but thats because i dont know what to put in it yet

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